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Board Members

The Club shall elect the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Operations Officer, Safety Officer and three (3) untitled members at its annual meeting by a plurality vote. Offices are held for one (1) year or until replacements are elected. The Board shall also include past Presidents. The Board shall meet at such times and places as the President may designate for the purpose of transacting business that does not require the vote of a quorum.

The roles and duties of the board members are outlined in the club bylaws.


Jim Krzyzewski

Jim began flying at Dupage airport in West Chicago in 1993. He moved to Northbrook in 1998 and called Palwaukee airport (Chicago Executive) home base before moving to Naperville in 2003. He immediately joined the BFC, but left in 2004 to purchase a quarter share of a Piper Arrow. He returned to the BFC in 2009 as the club provided a more affordable and friendly experience - he also loved the small airport feel of LL10. Jim became club president in 2016 after serving as vice-president for 2 years.

Jim obtained his private pilot license in 1994, his instrument rating in 1995 and his commercial certificate in 1996. He primarily uses club aircraft for training and fun flights. In his daytime role he is an Information Technology Director for application development and back office systems.

His first ‘official’ date with his wife was a flying adventure way back in 1995. He flew a Piper Arrow from Dupage airport to the now defunct Meigs Field in Chicago to pick her up. The plan was to stow their bikes in the way-back, and fly to Washington Island in Door County for a fun day of cycling. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, requiring them to divert to the friendly fields of Oshkosh. After visiting the wonderful EAA museum and having a tasty lunch at Friar Tucks, the weather still had not improved enough to fly home. They now had to try to find lodging in Oshkosh – unfortunately this just happened to be the weekend of annual tractor, truck, and fishing events, so not a single room was available! They wound up flying a quick hop to Fond du Lac just before dusk where they booked what they understood to be the last room in the entire city. The next morning they had a beautiful flight home with wonderful blue skies and puffy clouds. Jim's wife was a great sport and they are happily married for 21 years!

Jim says "Love the BFC and Naper Aero – a rare gem in the aviation world today. Great camaraderie with great club members, great aircraft, and just a great vibe to the whole experience!"

Vice President:

Kevin Kanarski

Kevin obtained his private pilot certificate in 2001. After going through numerous instructors, scheduling hassles with rental planes and putting flying on hold for a year with a growing family, he joined BFC in 2007. He was introduced to the club by a member and wished he had known about it when he was a student pilot. Modern airplanes, the ease of scheduling time in the airplanes, knowing exactly what maintenance is being done to the airplanes and everyone having a personal stake were the main reasons for joining BFC. The club being located on a quiet, private airport was also a plus.

Kevin became the club secretary in 2016 and is now the club vice president. He is planning on using his professional skills as an Information Technology Architect to update the club's website and social media presence. He enjoys using the planes for personal sight-seeing trips, family trips to places like Wisconsin Dells, and looking for interesting things to take pictures of. He also enjoys sharing the joy of flight with friends and coworkers.


Alex Siegman

Coming Soon


Jack Lindquist

Jack joined BFC in 1995 as a student pilot. Using the club planes and instructors he obtained his private pilot certificate in 1997. He chose BFC for its economical flight training from competent instructors in well maintained aircraft. Jack is a retired accountant and has put those skills to use for the club as the treasurer since 2004. He currently uses the planes for local pleasure flights and to sharped his flying skill. He enjoys the club membership for economical flying and the comrade of members.

Operations Officer:

John Wrycza

John became a private pilot and joined BFC in 2008.  He picked BFC for it's proximity to home and modern 1990s aircraft. After flying, washing and changing oil on the BFC aircraft, he became a plane captain. In 2012 he became Operations (Maintenance) Officer overseeing the plane captains. John says "BFC is a great club with fun members and great airplanes"

John is instrument & seaplane rated and is working on his commercial certificate. He enjoys flying the BFC planes to bicycle races, vacations, and aerial photography. Apart from the club John owns a Lake Buccaneer Amphibian for those trips that call for off-airport water landings. International destinations include Turks & Caicos and Canada. John supports aviation through AOPA, EAA, the Seaplane Pilot's Association. He holds BS & MS computer science degrees and has worked at Bell Labs / Alcatel-Lucent for 30+ Years as a telecommunications engineer.

Safety Officer:

Nick Davis

Nick has been with the BFC flying club since 1977 and received his private pilot certificate that same year. He chose BFC because it was the best deal he could find, the social aspects of the club and his first rate instructor, Bert Toppel. Nick went on to make flying a career and is a retired airline pilot. He is still an active CFII and works part time as a Pilot Representative Station Operations Control for United Airlines. In addition to earning his ATP certificate he has a Commercial Glider and Dispatcher certificate.

In his time with the club Nick has been Maintenance Officer, Secretary, Vice President and is now filling the Safety Officer role. Nick uses the club aircraft for pleasure and the occasional trip such as to see the solar eclipse in 2018. He is also one of the club instructors providing primary and instrument training as well as aircraft check-out. Nick says "This club has been the center of my accidental airline pilot career and my primary hobby. I continue to enjoy the friends I have made and kept."

Plane Captain N983SP:

Kris Knigga

Kris joined BFC in 2016 after receiving his private pilot certificate a year earlier. He decided to join BFC because of better rates and equipment. Getting to have a say in how the airplanes are maintained and equipped was also a draw versus renting from an FBO. BFC owning a 182 as well as 172's made the club attractive to him. He learned in 172's and can step up to the 182. He is now plane captain of one of our 172 aircraft helping to make sure it is maintained for our members.

Here is what Kris has to say about his use of the airplanes; "Most of my flights are fairly local: out to Rochelle to eat, flying down the Chicago shoreline with friends, etc.  But I really enjoy when I get to visit some place that would be less accessible by car.  Trips that would take three or four days by car are doable in a weekend if you fly." Kris is a Unix Systems Engineer in the financial industry.

Plane Captain N884BC:

Don Patterson

Don obtained his private pilot certificate and joined BFC in 1988. He liked BFC for the lower cost and better maintained equipment than he could find renting. Don was previously the secretary of the club from 1994 to 1997. Then he became plane captain for our previous plane, N388ES and now N884BC in 2011. Don is instrument rated and enjoys using the club airplanes for personal local flights with the occasional trip. He is a retired electrical engineer which gives him more time to fly.

Plane Captain N415RC:

Jim Robertson Jr.

Jim joined BFC in 2014 with many years of flying experience. He obtained his private certificate in 1962 and commercial a year later. He joined the army for a few years and then got his instrument, AMEL, and ATP by 1971. Until 2012 Jim was a corporate pilot flying Sabreliner, Challenger, and Falcon jets. He also trained in Beechcraft Model 99 & 200 and Mitsubishi MU-2J for his multi-engine rating.

Jim's main reasons for joining BFC were lower rates, better maintenance, and availability of aircraft. He enjoys using the club aircraft for family, hunting and fishing trips. He now takes care of our Cessna 182 which is great for those trips.

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