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This fully equipped Cessna 172S was brought online with the club in Jan 2015. It features Garmin G1000 avionics.

Pilot Currency Restrictions

  1. Current Medical Certificate and Flight Review
  2. Has received a check-out from, and written approval of, a CFI in a G1000 equipped C172.
  3. Has completed a VFR standards training course for the Garmin G1000.
Aircraft Manufacturer: 
Aircraft Model: 
Skyhawk C172S
Aircraft Year: 
Aircraft Club Service Start Date: 
January, 2015
Aircraft Engine: 
Lycoming - 180 HP
Aircraft Cruise Speed: 
125 knots
Aircraft Passengers: 
Aircraft Features: 
  • IFR Certified and well Equipped
  • G1000 with WAAS approach capability
  • 4-place intercom
  • Tanis heater

Supplemental Aircraft Information

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