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Cleaning Procedures

WINDSCREEN - Clean after every flight with Brilliantize and a soft cloth. Use straight up and down strokes. Avoid circular motion, which can create swirls in the Plexiglas. Never use abrasive cleaning pads as they cause damage.
LEADING EDGES, COWLING, STRUTS, WHEEL PANTS, SPINNER AND PROPELLER - Clean as necessary with plain water in the bucket and a scrungie and wiped dry with a towel. Do not add soap to the water in the bucket. If the bucket is empty (or the water dirty), the pilot should add/change same as necessary. DC-99 can be used for extra dirty spots.
GARBAGE - Removed.
PERSONAL ITEMS - Do you have everything?
WINDSCREEN - Clean as needed with Brilliantize.
INSTRUMENT PANEL - Wipe top of panel with clean dry cloth as needed. May require occasional application of low-gloss Armour-All. Do NOT get Armour-All on the windscreen.
LEATHER SEATS - Wipe up any spills or marks immediately. May require occasional cleaning with leather cleaner/conditioner. Be sure to use ONLY leather cleaner/conditioner.
After each flight, replenish (in the aircraft) the following supplies as necessary: Oil, Brilliantize, Paper towels, Water, Brilliantize (for the windows) and DC-99 (for exterior painted surfaces) are the ONLY cleaning solutions that can be used on those surfaces.

Contact a board member or a Plane Captain if you notice that we are running low on any supplies.
Contact the appropriate Plane Captain or board member with any maintenance concerns.
Chief Maintenance Officer - John Wrycza
884BC Captain - Don Patterson
983SP Captain - Kris Queen
415RC Captain - Don Leonard

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