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This well equipped 2007 Cessna 182T entered service with the club in January, 2020. It has the very capable G1000 avionics and GFC-700 autopilot.

Pilot Currency Restrictions

  1. Private, Commercial, or ATP certificate
  2. Current Medical Certificate and Flight Review
  3. Has at least 200 hours of total logged flight time AND
    • Has at least 5 hours logged pilot time in a C182 if you have 25 hours or more logged in a high performance aircraft.
    • Has at least 10 hours logged pilot time in a C182 if you have less than 25 hours logged in a high performance aircraft.
  4. Has at least 3 hours logged pilot time in a C182 in the preceding 180 days, OR
    Has taken and passed a currency check-out in this aircraft and written approval from a CFI in the preceding 45 days.
  5. Has received a check-out from, and written approval of, a CFI in a C182.
  6. Has completed a VFR standards training course for the Garmin G1000.
Aircraft Manufacturer: 
Aircraft Model: 
Skylane 182T
Aircraft Year: 
Aircraft Club Service Start Date: 
January, 2020
Aircraft Engine: 
Lycoming - 230 HP
Aircraft Cruise Speed: 
145 knots
Aircraft Passengers: 
Aircraft Useful Load: 
1,085 lbs.
Aircraft Features: 
  • IFR certified and well equipped
  • G1000 Avionics
  • GFC-700 Autopilot
  • WX-500 Stormscope
  • GTX-33ES Transponder with ADS-B Out & TIS
  • Reiff Engine Block Heater
  • LED Landing & Taxi Lights

Supplemental Aircraft Information

Weight & Balance Sheet 09-08-2020 PDF icon N1489LWB_09-08-2020.pdf
G1000 Cessna NavIII Cockpit Reference Guide PDF icon G1000_CessnaNavIII_CockpitReferenceGuide_SystemSoftwareVersion0563.00orlater_.pdf
Cessna Skylane G1000 182T Information Manual PDF icon Cessna_182_C182T_2007_NavIII-G1000+GFC700_POH-PIM_fromCessna.pdf

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