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Blue Side Up!

April 2019
Engine Failures - Part 3
March 2019
Engine Failures - Part 2
February 2019
New 182 Proposal; Engine Failures - Part 1
January 2019
December 2018
Photos of the Christmas dinner
November 2018
Engine Break-In Procedures, The Venerable Cessna 150
October 2018
The Cross-Country
September 2018
Alaska Otter Ride
August 2018
The Night Man
July 2018
DuPage Runway Safety & New Members
June 2018
Sometimes it's best just to give up
May 2018
Night Training
April 2018
N983SP Engine Overhaul
March 2018
Enough Fuel
February 2018
Up & Down
January 2018
A DPE Retires
December 2017
Holiday Dinner Photos
November 2017
983SP Engine Overhaul, Larry's flight in a Grob glider
October 2017
LL10 Updates, Uncontrolled Fields
September 2017
Where members are flying and What members are flying
August 2017
July 2017
ADS-B Equipment Funding
June 2017
ADS-B Mandate - Equipping BFC Aircraft
May, 2017
BasicMed and BFC


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